Pulpotomy (Children’s Root Canal) in Lincoln, NE

Pulpotomy In Lincoln
Seeing your child suffering from dental pain can be frustrating and stressful. A pulpotomy, also known as a ‘baby or children’s root canal,’ involves removing the infected dental pulp from the affected tooth. If your child experiences dental pain or discomfort, please contact our trained dentist near you for an appointment.

What Is Pulpotomy or Pulp Therapy?

Every tooth is made up of the enamel (the hard, outer layer) and the pulp that contains the nerves, blood vessels, and tissue. The main goal of pulpotomy treatment at Lincoln’s Children Dentistry is to preserve the tooth while removing infected pulp. Untreated decay, cavity development, and trauma can cause pain and discomfort.

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Rebecca Scott, will remove the diseased pulp in the tooth’s crown, leaving the dental pulp in the root canal intact. Pulp therapy is usually recommended for children and prevents decay from reaching the root canal.

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What Happens during a Pulpotomy Procedure?

Once your child is ready, we will numb and isolate the tooth with the help of a dental dam. Our trained dentist in Lincoln, NE, will discuss suitable sedation techniques before the pulpotomy procedure.

Using special instruments, the dentist will remove the infected material and place a therapeutic dressing to prevent bacterial regrowth and calm the nerves. A stainless dental crown will be placed on the treated tooth to protect it from damage.

The Difference between Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy

While a pulpotomy involves removing pulp that is confined to the crown area, a pulpectomy involves removing, cleaning, and disinfection of the entire dental pulp. We then place a restorable material at the site and place a restoration on the primary tooth. For adult teeth, the dentist will place a non-resorbable material after the procedure.

If the tooth is damaged beyond repair, our trained dentist, Dr. Rebecca Scott, may recommend extraction. A pulpotomy is a painless and safe procedure, and your child will feel normal in no time at all. If your child develops tooth decay or discomfort, please make an appointment at Lincoln’s Children’s Dentistry for diagnosis and pulpotomy treatment near you.

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