Hospital Dentistry

Pediatric Hospital Dentistry in Lincoln, NE

Hospital Dentistry In Lincoln

Under certain circumstances, your child may require dental treatment at a hospital rather than at a dental clinic. If your child experiences pain, discomfort, or any other dental problem, please contact our experienced dentist near you for assistance. Procedures may involve the treatment of infected teeth, tumors, facial or oral trauma.

Why Lincoln Children’s Dentistry May Recommend Hospital Dental Treatment

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Rebecca Scott, may recommend hospital dentistry in Lincoln, NE, for patients who:

  • Require multiple oral procedures
  • Suffer from high anxiety levels or fear of dental treatment
  • Have low resistance to infection or weak immune systems
  • May suffer from disabilities or behavioral issues
  • Need dental and medical support due to health reasons
  • May require maxillofacial surgery or mouth reconstruction procedures
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I cannot say enough good things about Lincoln Children's Dentistry! They are an awesome team of knowledgeable, kind, and professional people who know how to talk with and care for children.
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General Anesthesia

Young patients, especially those with special needs, may find it difficult to sit or lie still during treatment. Children may feel intimidated, and the dentist may be unable to perform the necessary procedure. In this case, we may administer general anesthesia to put your child to sleep during the process.

Sleep dentistry is also a good choice for children who have difficulty controlling their movements. Our qualified dentist in Lincoln, NE, may refer your child for hospital dentistry in situations with a complex medical history or complicated procedures requiring a hospital setting.

How to Help Your Child Prepare for Treatment

Lincoln Children’s Dentistry is always there to help clarify any doubts or address any concerns regarding hospital dentistry near you.

The following tips will help you prepare your child for hospital dentistry treatment:

  • Visit the Pediatrician for an Exam – The doctor will check your child for physical fitness and other allergies to medication. It’s very important to update your child’s medical history as certain medications may affect their response to general anesthesia.
  • Refrain from Feeding Your Child before Treatment – It’s best to avoid giving food or milk before the procedure. The hospital may prescribe medication or aftercare instructions to be followed. Ensure that your child rests for two to three days before going back to school.
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