Hospital Dentistry

What is Hospital Dentistry?

Hospital dentistry is a special field that blends medicine with dentistry. It is often suitable for patients who are pre-cooperative in the traditional dental setting, or who may have severe medical conditions.  We offer hospital dentistry to those who need special arrangements to have their dental care provided to them. We welcome all new patients into our practice to ensure healthy, full smiles. 

Why would Hospital Dentistry be needed?

When a toddler or child has many dental caries it may be necessary to restore their smile in an outpatient surgery center. The toddler or child is be placed under general anesthesia, similar to if they were having tubes placed or their adenoids taken out. The child is able to have all of their teeth restored at one time and leaves the outpatient surgery center with a positive experience. In other cases, severe medical conditions prevent a person from receiving the dental care that they need. 

In this case, we can offer hospital dentistry to ensure they still receive the care and treatment that is needed. 

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I cannot say enough good things about Lincoln Children's Dentistry! They are an awesome team of knowledgeable, kind, and professional people who know how to talk with and care for children.
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Who is a candidate for Hospital Dentistry?

Toddlers and children are candidates for dental treatment under general anesthesia when they are unable to cooperate in the traditional dental setting due to age, special needs or when their dental decay is extensive. We are able to provide the care that they need in a friendly outpatient surgery center where they have a positive experience.

What can you expect with Hospital Dentistry?

We will first meet with you and your child to consult about your child’s dental needs. If special arrangements are necessary, we can work with you to ensure that your child receiving the dental care necessary. Hospital dentistry is ideal for patients who are unable to tolerate the traditional dental environment due to their age, extent of decay or special needs.

Hospital dentistry blends the science of medicine with dentistry to work together to achieve excellence in restoring your child’s smile.

If you or your child requires hospital dentistry, call Dr. Scott, our pediatric dentist in Lincoln, NE, today and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. 

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