Cleanings and Exams

<b>What’s a Cleaning and Exam?</b>
A cleaning and exam will help your child to have healthy, bright teeth. Fortunately, the process of doing a cleaning and exam are quite simple. At Lincoln Children’s Dentistry, we recommend that children of all ages come in to have their teeth cleaned and examined every six months. This allows us to look for changes that might be important to their overall health.

<b>Why would a child need a Cleaning and Exam?</b>
The reason your child needs a professional cleaning is because it can be difficult for them to clean their smile properly at home. You will find that the entire process is very quick and easy. There is no age limit when it comes to who we accept as a new patient. We may take x-rays along with providing them with a cleaning and exam.

<b>Who is the right candidate for a Cleaning and Exam?</b>
Every child coming into our office can and should have this work done. It is never too early to get your child in for their first appointment. For older kids and teens, we welcome them into our practice as well. The goal is to provide them with the best care possible when coming to us at Lincoln Children’s Dentistry.

<b>What happens during the actual Cleaning and Exam appointment?</b>
First, one of our hygienists will carefully clean your child’s teeth. They will floss and polish the teeth completely to a high shine. The doctor then comes in and performs the exam. We will look for problems that could be an issue to the health of their teeth. We will recommend that they come back in if other treatments are needed. The goal is to improve how their smile functions and feels in a way that is going to be comfortable for them. We work with children of all ages and welcome you into our office whenever it is convenient for you.

If you believe that your child needs a cleaning and exam, call the office today to get them in for an appointment.

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