Cavity Prevention

What is Cavity Prevention?

Cavity prevention involves reducing or even eliminating the chance of decay affecting a specific tooth. Cavity prevention can be beneficial in preventing the need for more invasive procedures that are needed due to decay. When decay is present, fillings, root canals and even extractions may be required. 

Why does your child need Cavity Prevention?

Cavity prevention is needed to prevent the likelihood of decay affecting a specific tooth. You may consider this option for your child if your family has a history of decay or you have a child who doesn’t have the best oral hygiene habits. Cavity prevention is ideal for preventing the need for more invasive dental work. Some of the reasons you might consider cavity prevention for your child include: 

  • Your child has a family history of decay
  • You want to prevent the need for more invasive dental work for your child
  • Your child doesn’t have the best dental hygiene habits
  • You’re looking for a way to prevent decay from compromising your child’s teeth
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What makes your child a good candidate for Cavity Prevention?

Most patients are viable candidates for the procedures available. Some of the most common types of preventative measures include sealants, fluoride treatments, product recommendations and oral hygiene technique demonstrations. We can help with cavity prevention concerning your children. We are here to help your child maintain a healthy and happy smile that will last a lifetime. 

What happens during Cavity Prevention?

Because there are a variety of preventative options available, the specific type of procedure being done is specific to each option. It is important for us to have a consultation with you and your child and an examination prior to choosing a preventative treatment. If sealants are utilized, a tooth-colored liquid is brushed and cured onto the teeth to form a protective layer. For fluoride treatment, the liquid is brushed onto the teeth or trays with a foam or gel are applied to teeth to help protect the enamel. We can help you to find the treatment that is best for you. We are able to provide cavity prevention geared for your children. 

If you are interested in cavity prevention either for your child, contact our pediatric dental office in Lincoln, NE today so that Dr. Scott & her friendly team can better assist you with this option. 

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