when should i take my child to their first dental appointment

When should I take my child to their first dental appointment?

Mostly, parents are not sure of when to take a child to a dentist. Should you wait until all the teeth come in, or until there is a problem with their dental? A child ought to visit a dentist when the first tooth appears in the mouth. According to Dr. Scott, a Connecticut dentist with over ten years of experience, the first visit is not for doing any real work. The main thing is to introduce the child to the dentist’s office and allowed them to explore various instruments. The dentist will take a quick peek at the mouth after your child has become comfortable.

What is the importance of a Child’s First Dental Appointment?

Most importantly, the child will familiarize himself/herself with the dental office environment in a non-threatening way, thus building trust. The dentists will be able to take a quick examination of the jaws, bite and gums and problems that may affect the child’s speech. Besides, the dentist will give you as a parent more information about infant feeding practices, finger- sucking habits, and also baby bottle tooth decay. At Lincoln Children’s Dentistry, we recommend that you visit a dentist every six months after the first visit unless an issue comes up.

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Who is a Good Candidate for First Dental Appointment?

As Dr. Scott says that good health starts at home, it is suitable for parents to avoid foods that are harmful to the child’s dental. This includes sugary foods. All kids under one year are good candidates for the first appointment. At this age, children start teething, and it is the appropriate time for the dentist to examine your child’s oral development, including their speech.

What is the process of the First Dental Appointment?

Mostly, the first visit will be to allow the child to be comfortable and to ease anxiety. According to Dr. Jennifer Marshall, the appointment should be early in the day when the child is fresh and alert. If the child’s teeth have not come in yet, the dentist will check the feeding habits and the finger-sucking habits of the child. Then they will examine the jaw of the child. For a kid whose teeth have come in, a gentle examination of all oral aspects growth and development. If a problem is indicated, a gentle cleaning that includes polishing and removal of the plague is carried out. The dentist will give you a demonstration of proper home cleaning.

If you think your child needs a dental exam or would like to get more insights about it, don’t hesitate. Call our office today, and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to assist you.

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