What Is Preventive Dentistry And What It Comprises Of

What Is Preventive Dentistry and What It Comprises Of

Did you know that preventive dentistry can safeguard your oral tissues from undergoing extensive procedures and incurring exorbitant dental costs? Preventive and restorative dental procedures are crucial in preserving your oral tissues from dental health problems. Undergoing regular oral hygiene procedures protect your teeth from decay and oral infections. Your dentist may combine various techniques to ensure you find effective oral care. Our dentist in Lincoln, NE, may recommend you to undergo periodic dental exams and allow your specialist to identify dental health issues at early stages. Timely treatment may prevent further complications.

What’s Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry involves measures to keep your oral tissues healthy and avoid gum disease, cavities, and traumatic injuries.  There are several procedures in preventive dentistry, including dental cleaning and regular flossing. Our dentist in Lincoln, NE, may recommend you to undergo periodic dental exams for check-ups on your dental state. Our specialists teach your child to maintain proper oral hygiene at a tender age.

Some preventive dental services may include fluoride treatment, routine oral exams, digital X-rays, cleanings, and placement of sealants. An ideal oral hygiene regimen involves regular brushing and dental flossing to prevent tooth decay and minimize the risk of having dental health issues. Restorative fillings, root canal, and scaling are vital procedures in keeping your oral tissues healthy.

Vital Preventive Dental Care Tips

It’s crucial to develop healthy oral health habits early to avoid gingivitis and cavities. Some of the measures that the preventive dentistry near you can recommend may include:

  • Use of a mouth guard to safeguard your dental from traumatic injuries during sports
  • Brushing regularly with a recommended soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride-based toothpaste
  • Flossing to eliminate plaque and food debris between your teeth
  • Limit yourself from sugary foods that cause bacteria to thrive or acidic foods that erode your tooth enamel
  • Rinsing your mouth using recommended mouth rinses
  • Use dental splints to prevent teeth clenching as you sleep, which may lead to gum recession and wearing out of your tooth enamel
  • Avoid smoking since it can lead to cancer, teeth discoloration, and other dental health issues

Our emergency dentist in Lincoln can handle severe dental complications and protect your oral tissues from further damage or permanent loss.

What’s Involved During Your Appointments?

The dentist near you examines your teeth and gum tissues during your dental appointment. If you have an underlying dental health issue, a suitable treatment plan is provided. During your dental visit, you are likely to undergo plaque and tartar removal through a scaling procedure. The preventive dentistry near you will enlighten you and your child on cleaning your teeth with ideal interdental brushes to remove bacterial plaque. Your specialist may recommend you to follow a specific dietary lifestyle to prevent tooth decay. Your dentist will also examine the condition of your dental prosthetics, and other preventive dentistry strategies for you and your child may include:

  • Periodic dental screening or cleaning to check for any signs of dental plaque, tooth decay, or cancerous lesions
  • Use of custom-made mouthguards to treat teeth grinding, which may lead to TMJ disorder
  • Placement of dental sealants on your child’s teeth to prevent decay and further damage
  • Diagnostic tests using digital X-rays to check for dental health problems below your gum line
  • Orthodontic procedures to repair oral malocclusions and align your teeth through Invisalign aligners or braces
  • Provision of home-based oral hygiene regimen to prevent your teeth from formation of plaque that leads to oral infections and decay
  • Scheduling regular dental appointments to minimize the risk of having dental health issues

Preventive Dental Treatment for Your Child

At Lincoln children’s dentistry, we recommend your child undergo early dental exams and dental cleaning and prevent dental health complications in the future. We examine your child’s teeth and perform fluoride treatment to prevent tooth decay and strengthen your kid’s tooth enamel. We may place sealants on the teeth surfaces to minimize the risk of having tooth decay. It’s crucial to take your child to an orthodontist in correcting dental misalignment. Preventive dental care practices are ideal in keeping your oral tissues from infections, cavities, and other dental problems. If you are faced with unprecedented traumatic injuries on your oral tissues, our emergency dentist in Lincoln can provide you with adequate and immediate treatment. Please make an appointment with the dentist near you and seek preventive dental care today!

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