what can you do in pediatric dental emergencies

What Can You Do in Pediatric Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies can occur at any time or at any place. Knowing how to manage a dental emergency can mean the difference between saving or losing your child’s permanent tooth. Whenever pediatric dental emergencies occur, taking your child to Lincoln’s Children’s Dentistry is a requirement you cannot ignore.

Children are prone to accidents and impact their mouths, causing injuries to their teeth, gums, and other soft tissues. You may think children’s dental emergencies are minor and do not need attention from dental emergencies near you. However, are you willing to compromise your child’s smile and overall health merely because of a misconception? If you aren’t, you must have your child treated by a dentist from the facility suggested above to prevent permanent damage to their oral health.

What Are Pediatric Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies, whether pediatric or adult, need prompt treatment from a dental professional and none other. Do not consider visiting the neighborhood emergency room or a medical professional nearby with requests to treat dental emergencies. Qualified dental professionals are the only ones permitted by the authorities to provide any dental treatments. Therefore you must seek treatment for any pediatric dental emergency from a dentist.

When matters related to children’s dental emergencies are concerned, you do better if you contact the pediatric dentist near you providing emergency services. Pediatric dentists are better equipped to manage children in challenging situations as they are trained to provide treatments exclusively for children. Therefore whether your child is reporting a minor toothache or has a knocked-out tooth contacting the pediatric dentist for treatment is the optimal solution to manage your child’s situation.

Types of Emergency Dental Treatments

Managing a Knocked-out Tooth?

Children losing their primary teeth is standard and occurs in everyone. Replacing primary teeth isn’t required because it is a natural occurrence for the emergence of permanent teeth. However, if a child loses a primary tooth too early, they need help from the Lincoln pediatric dentist.

Losing primary teeth too early causes your child’s remaining teeth to shift position towards the vacant gap and creates a bad bite. You must prevent the occurrence by visiting the dentist at the earliest to get your child a space maintainer, helping them control the shifting and hold the space for the permanent teeth to erupt.

Unfortunately, if your child has lost a permanent tooth, you must keep it moist at all times, placing it in a milk container or using products for tooth preservation recommended by the ADA and get to the dentist’s office right away. Time is of the essence when dealing with the loss of permanent teeth. Dentists know how to reattach the tooth back into its socket to help your child retain their smile and mouth functionality.

What If Your Child Reports a Toothache?

Do not ever consider a toothache as an inconsequential problem because besides resulting from food particles trapped between the teeth, the discomfort could also emanate from undetected cavities burrowing in your child’s tooth. In addition, the toothache will give your child various other problems because untreated cavities make it challenging for them to eat and perform everyday activities. Taking your child to Dr. Rebecca Scott, an experienced pediatric dentist, helps you identify the problem affecting your child and get it treated before it aggravates into a severe condition.

Dentists remove food particles trapped between the teeth using dental floss and recommend dental fillings to repair cavities causing permanent damage in the tooth. If dental fillings seem intimidating to you, the results of not having them will probably appear disastrous. Therefore obtaining the treatment recommended by the doctor alleviates the discomfort experienced by your child.

Loose or lost fillings

Children are prone to tooth decay that require them to get dental fillings. Unfortunately, dental fillings are not permanent and are prone to falling off due to various reasons. If your child loses a dental filling, get the restoration replaced as soon as possible. Remember, the dentist initially provided the filling to protect a damaged tooth. Leaving it without treatment encourages the bacteria in the child’s mouth to infect the tooth again and create severe damage. Getting fillings immediately prevents unnecessary pain and the need for expensive treatments later.

Whenever your child encounters, any dental emergency, do not consider delaying the treatment hoping it may disappear by itself. Instead, get them the therapy necessary from the emergency dentist nearby to alleviate the pain and help them retain their smiles.

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