TODDLER TEETH – Explained!

Taking care of your toddler’s teeth can be a hard job.  It’s especially difficult if you have a kiddo who resists brushing and flossing with all their might.  There are some tips that can help you keep your child’s teeth healthy.  Let’s talk about a few!

First and foremost, if your child is younger than seven, you will need to brush for them.  If you have an independent youngster, let them brush first and take your turn when they have finished.  If they are older than seven, you will want to check after they brush to make sure they are getting all of their teeth, all of the surfaces, and all the way to their gums.

Once your kiddo gets all their teeth in, start flossing!  It is especially important to floss the teeth that touch.  If you brush and don’t floss you child’s teeth, they are at risk to get cavities in between their teeth (where the toothbrush will not reach).  You can make this more fun by getting colorful flossers and letting them choose the color each time.

If you have a kiddo who aggressively protests brushing time, there are some things you can do.  Try allowing them to watch their favorite show while you brush their teeth.  If they start objecting, turn off the T.V until they start to cooperate.  You can also get a couple different toothbrushes with different characters on them and two flavors of toothpaste.  Let them pick which toothbrush you use and what flavor of toothpaste each time you brush.  It can also be helpful to brush your own teeth in front of your child and maybe even let them “help” you.

The bottom line is those teeth need to get brushed.  If all else fails, you may need to have both mom and dad participating.  One parent can hold the kiddo while the other brushes.  If both parents are not available, you may need to wrap the little one in a towel to keep their hands down while you brush.

Regardless of what methods you use, be sure to encourage your child to be proactive about their oral health.  A healthy mouth is an essential part of healthy living!

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