6 times when you’ll need emergency dental care

Six Times When You’ll Need Emergency Dental Care

Everyone experiences dental emergencies at some point in their lives. However, do you know what precisely is a dental emergency? Many so-called dental emergencies don’t require immediate attention and can wait until daytime when you can schedule an appointment with a general dentist nearby for attention.

Children can also confront dental emergencies more often than adults because they frequently fall when playing and invite infections in their mouths by neglecting appropriate dental hygiene practices. How, then, would you deal with children’s dental emergencies whenever they occur? We intend to give you adequate information on how to deal with children’s dental emergencies by exploring some everyday dental situations that need immediate care from the emergency dentist in Lincoln to alleviate pain and potentially save the tooth.

Familiar Dental Emergencies Affecting Children

The Hindrance of a Broken Tooth

If you notice your child’s tooth is broken or fractured, try to rinse their mouth with warm salt water to alleviate pain. However, the emergency is best addressed by the pediatric dentist in Lincoln by restoring the tooth with tooth-colored filling materials to prevent mouth bacteria from penetrating the tooth to create additional damage. Although the situation might not seem concerning, especially if your child isn’t experiencing severe pain, you must have the tooth examined and treated by the pediatric dentist as soon as possible, using conservative therapies to restore the tooth to its former glory.

The Mystery of Missing Fillings and Crowns

Missing fillings or dental crowns are not a minor inconvenience because it is a typical dental emergency among children and adults. Fillings and crowns don’t need treatment from an emergency dentist late in the evening but can wait until you can secure an urgent care appointment with your dentist to restore them. Fillings are placed in teeth affected by cavities, and crowns help encase a severely damaged tooth from attacks by bacteria. Therefore getting the filling or crown repaired or replaced as soon as possible is a requirement you cannot ignore.

Toothache Trouble

Anyone with teeth including children can develop toothaches for unexplained reasons. Unfortunately, it is why many people seek dental treatment from an emergency dentist. However, dental pain is better not ignored because it indicates something is wrong in the child’s mouth. You can use warm salt water to rinse your child’s mouth and schedule an appointment with the emergency dentist near you to get the tooth examined and treated for the underlying cause of the toothache. Sometimes children can develop toothache trouble from food particles trapped between their teeth. However, in many cases, children have untreated or developing cavities causing dental pain. Therefore getting treatment for the child before the condition aggravates helps alleviate pain for the child besides reducing the costs of intensive treatments that become necessary later.

Bleeding Gums Are a Red Flag

Bleeding from the gums is not inconsequential because it indicates that your child is affected by gum disease. For example, they might have swollen and pink gums, and bleeding might occur when brushing and flossing. However, gum disease is better stopped in its tracks before it aggravates into a severe condition leading to tooth loss and problems with general health. Therefore you must schedule an appointment with the children’s dentist in Lincoln, NE before the condition advances.

The Pain of Abscessed Teeth

Dr. Rebecca Scott mentions the pain from an abscessed tooth is a painful dental emergency that, if left untreated, can result in life-threatening conditions. The discomfort persists until you take your child to see the dentist to determine the underlying cause of the dental abscess, which is an untreated cavity in most cases. The doctor might suggest performing endodontic therapy on the child’s tooth to eradicate a dental pulp infection. Ignoring the treatment will result in your child losing a tooth and needing space maintainers to prevent their remaining teeth from moving out of position.

Exposed Nerves Can Be Excruciating

Exposed nerves in a tooth indicate a dental emergency that needs immediate attention. Your child will experience excruciating pain when drinking liquids, breathing and moving around in open spaces. The sensitivity in the tooth needs treatment from an emergency dentist to alleviate pain and comfort your child.

Dental emergencies are mysterious and strike when least expected. However, they always indicate a dental visit is essential to determine the underlying cause of the problem and receive appropriate treatment. If left untreated, the emergency can aggravate a severe condition making intensive treatments necessary to preserve teeth. If your kid confronts a dental emergency, kindly do not hesitate to contact Lincoln Children’s Dentistry for the help they need. Getting the dental situation managed early helps prevent significant dental and general health issues with children allowing them to enjoy a beautiful smile.

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