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Although we wish they didn’t, dental emergencies can occur at any time.  You can’t always prevent them, but you can be informed and prepared in case something happens when you’re around.  We will cover some common accidents in this article and you can ask your dentist about specific ones that pertain to your child and

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As your child grows, it is likely they will want to do more things on their own.  While it is great to allow them to develop confidence and responsibility for their oral hygiene, it is best for parents to continue to brush and floss for children until they are able to tie their own shoes

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Get ready to participate in the first ever National Brush Day on November 1, 2013!  With Halloween the day before, it’s the perfect time to reemphasize the importance of oral hygiene.  Having extra candy occasionally is fun, but your kiddos will need to keep their teeth extra clean to help prevent cavities.  Brushing for two

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