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a detailed review of dental crowns

A Detailed Review of Dental Crowns

With time, our teeth get damaged either due to dental trauma, decay, or other reasons. Such damages tend to weaken teeth structure, and if they are not well protected, the tooth’s health and the condition deteriorates. This impairs the tooth’s ability to perform its function and can lead to chewing difficulties. Nevertheless, there is a

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a closer look at dental fillings

A Closer Look at Dental Fillings

Tooth decay destroys your tooth leading to the formation of severe cavities. Your enamel can be destroyed, exposing your nerves and compromising with your dental shape. Decayed teeth are sensitive and vulnerable to bacterial infections. Fillings are vital in restoring your tooth functioning and dental structure. At Lincoln Children’s Dentistry, we use tooth fillings to

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Are Pediatric Dentists Trained to Help Autistic Patients?

Choosing a pediatric dentist for your child is important, and parents want to know their child is in good hands and receiving the very best care. For those patients that have special needs, it is important for parents to find a dentist they are comfortable with. At Lincoln Children’s Dentistry, we provide exceptional pediatric dental

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