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If your child is nervous about dental treatment or has dental anxiety, your pediatric dentist may recommend using nitrous oxide.  It is important to know that nitrous is very safe and completely temporary.  It is effective while your child breathes a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen, and the effects are eliminated after your child

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TODDLER TEETH – Explained!

Taking care of your toddler’s teeth can be a hard job.  It’s especially difficult if you have a kiddo who resists brushing and flossing with all their might.  There are some tips that can help you keep your child’s teeth healthy.  Let’s talk about a few! First and foremost, if your child is younger than

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Have you ever wondered why it’s recommended that you bring your child to the dentist every six months? While it might seem excessive to some, there are many reasons why this is important. Here’s just a few! 1. To Catch Tooth Decay Early. It’s important for a dentist to check your child’s teeth on a

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