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when not to get kids dental sealants

When Not to Get Kids Dental Sealants

Statistics show that kids without dental sealants are three times more likely to develop cavities than those who do. Therefore, it is important to prevent your child’s teeth from cavities using sealants. However, in a few cases, kids may not need this preventive treatment. Continue reading to find out when not to get your child

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how to prepare your child for a dental filling procedure

How to Prepare a Kid for a Tooth Filling Procedure?

Tooth cavities are common in children because they frequently consume sugary treats and may not maintain proper oral hygiene. When a child has a dental cavity, it is important to consult a children’s dentist in Lincoln, NE. The dentist will treat the tooth and restore it using dental fillings. Continue reading to learn about fillings

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what causes cavities and why do my kids keep getting them

What Causes Cavities and Why Do My Children Keep Getting Them?

Many factors can lead to an increase in the prevalence of cavities. However, preventing these cavities is possible and can be reversed if caught early. Candy and sweets are the biggest causes of children’s cavities but also other causes. Let’s see how they are formed to understand better factors that can cause tooth cavities. Cavities

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