Importance of National Brush Day!

Get ready to participate in the first ever National Brush Day on November 1, 2013!  With Halloween the day before, it’s the perfect time to reemphasize the importance of oral hygiene.  Having extra candy occasionally is fun, but your kiddos will need to keep their teeth extra clean to help prevent cavities.  Brushing for two minutes, two times a day is highly recommended (maybe 3 or 4 during Halloween).  It is also important for your child to floss once a day (maybe twice for Halloween) to help prevent cavities from forming in between the teeth.

Did you know that a child’s beverage choice has a major effect on the amount of decay they experience?  The absolute best choice is fluoridated water.  Pop and juice should be avoided as much as possible.  If your kids do drink pop or juice, it should be consumed all in one sitting (with a meal) to limit the acid exposure.

Another great way to help your child achieve his or her best oral health is to visit the dentist every six months.  Catching decay early is a great way to reverse the process (with the use of fluoride and improved brushing and flossing) or to ensure the restoration to fix the cavity remains minimal.  The dental team at your child’s dental home can also encourage and help your kiddo reach their dental hygiene goals.

Be sure to check out for useful dental information and resources for every age group.  Happy Halloween and Happy National Brush Day everyone!!

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