how to prepare your child for a dental filling procedure

How to Prepare a Kid for a Tooth Filling Procedure?

Tooth cavities are common in children because they frequently consume sugary treats and may not maintain proper oral hygiene. When a child has a dental cavity, it is important to consult a children’s dentist in Lincoln, NE. The dentist will treat the tooth and restore it using dental fillings. Continue reading to learn about fillings and how to prepare your child for the procedure.

What Are Dental Fillings?

They are tooth-colored materials used to restore teeth damaged by cavities. The dentist places fillings on the holes to prevent further damage and restore the tooth’s aesthetics and function. Fillings are used on primary teeth and permanent teeth. Sometimes, the dentist recommends wisdom tooth fillings for damaged teeth instead of extracting them.

If you take your child to the dentist and diagnose a cavity, they will evaluate if a filling will suitably treat the tooth. Unfortunately, not all kids with holes can benefit from fillers. For instance, if the caries is mild, the pediatric dentist in Lincoln may provide a fluoride treatment to reverse them. They will then perform a dental sealant procedure to prevent more holes.

The dentist will check the kid’s age and extent of tooth decay before recommending fillings. If the decayed teeth are less than a year away from falling out, they will not need to be filled. However, the expert will restore the teeth if they cause severe pain and discomfort. Additionally, if the decayed tooth is next to a permanent tooth, it is treated to keep the decay from spreading.

Dentists use a variety of dental filling materials on children’s teeth. A suitable filling type is chosen based on the extent of decay, the child’s age, and smile goals. Your dentist may recommend amalgam, ceramic, glass ionomer, or composite tooth fillings. 

How to Prepare Children for a First Dental Filling

Kids may become anxious when they are about to have a dental fillings procedure. The children’s dentist in Lincoln, NE, recommends the tips below to prepare your child for the treatment.

1. Be Calm

A child feeds off the parent’s emotions. If you are nervous, they will become anxious and worried. So, be calm and relaxed and maintain an air of confidence before and during the appointment.

2. Go over the options

Tell them about sedatives and anesthetics and their role in a painless and comfortable process. Then, ask the dentist to involve them in choosing the medications that will ease their discomfort.

3. Make your child feel comfortable

Do not guilt-trip the child into having the procedure. Instead, talk to them about the advantages of teeth fillings and what will happen if teeth are not treated.

4. Be honest and open

Explain the procedure steps as positively as possible, so they are comfortable at each stage. Answer the child’s questions as openly and honestly as you can. Use familiar and non-scary terms.

5. Share your experience

You can encourage the child by telling them about your experiences with dentists. Let them know that you were once just as anxious as they are and how you overcame the anxiety.

6. Suitable fillings for your child

You can discuss filling types, advantages, and disadvantages with the child. Then, involve them in picking a suitable material to help them take better care of the filled tooth.

How to Help a Child Take Care of a Dental Filling

  1. Parents must ensure the child maintains proper oral hygiene to prevent their teeth from further decay. Remind the kids to brush at least twice daily and floss once daily. If the child cannot do so, help them brush and floss until they can do it well without help.
  2. Discourage the kid from grinding their teeth as they will damage the surfaces of the fillings. If they cannot, contact Dr. Rebecca F. Scott, DDS, for bruxism treatment. 
  3. Watch what the kid eats or drinks. Hard, chewy, or sticky foods can damage the fillings, while acidic or sugary drinks can contribute to cavities.
  4. Ensure the child keeps up with routine dental exams and cleanings where the dentist checks the condition of their restorations. At Lincoln Children’s Dentistry, we review the status of your child’s fillings and repair or replace them if necessary.

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