Dentistry comes with a whole new language. To prepare you for our blog articles, and for a visit to the dentist, we will be posting several “Dental Terms” lists over the next few months. This will be a great reference to you as you read and learn about the world of dentistry.


Incisors – The four upper and lower front teeth
Cuspids – Canine teeth
Anterior Teeth – The six upper and six lower front teeth
Posterior Teeth – The upper and lower back teeth
Erupt – The process of a tooth coming into the mouth
Unerupted tooth – A tooth that has not pushed through the gums
Impacted Tooth – An unexposed tooth with fully formed roots that is partially or completely covered by bone.
Interproximal – The surfaces of adjoining teeth
Supernumeraries – Extra teeth
Maxillary – The upper teeth
Mandibular – The lower teeth
Radiographs – X-rays
Bitewings – X-rays that are taken of the back teeth

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