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Essential Pediatric Dentistry Preventive Treatments

Pediatric dental offices specialize in caring for your child’s oral health. The pediatric dentist in Lincoln also educates parents on how to teach their children oral hygiene at home. Dentists offer suggestions for brushing regularly, supervision, and additional preventive treatments. Dental hygiene includes brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash depending on the age and abilities of the child.

In reality adults and children have varied dental needs. Children’s needs range from getting their first baby tooth to losing all of them and growing permanent teeth. Children under two, between two and six and those over six all have different dental health needs.

Different Stages Require Varied Steps

The child’s age and abilities require consideration when discussing the available options. Treatments from the pediatric dentist in 68516 and maintenance help keep kids teeth healthy and avoid bad breath. They also prevent cavities and help develop good dental care habits.

Children under Two

Wiping baby’s gums twice a day is the responsibility of parents. The cleaning helps children get accustomed to something being in your mouth. The cleaning is essential to remove sugar and bacteria that cause cavities even before teeth emerge. After the first tooth emerges parents must use a tiny toothbrush with soft bristles and water for the cleaning. Children also benefit from a visit to Lincoln children’s dentistry before age one.

Children between Two and Six

Children should start brushing their teeth as they grow. Parents can help by providing them training toothbrushes and toothpaste in the initial stages. Parents must ensure they watch their child brush to ensure they are learning correct techniques. Parents can help their children by brushing their teeth once a day and having their child practice the next time they brush.

Dr. Bryce Cushing recommends using a preventive pediatric dentistry treatment like dental sealants to help protect children’s teeth against cavities. Simultaneously dentists suggest elimination of pacifiers, bottles, and thumbsucking.

Children over Six

Permanent teeth start emerging by six or seven. Children need regular dental checkups every six months from the children’s dentist in Lincoln, NE, with dental x-rays every year to help the dental professional detect cavities and other oral health issues. Permanent teeth not always emerge straight and fail to emerge at times. X-rays help detect where the permanent teeth are besides identifying other problem.

Dental Treatments

Research reveals that childhood dental caries is prevalent than other childhood diseases. Dental caries during childhood can cause a lifetime of pain and complications for the child. Pediatric dentists have the knowledge to look for signs of infections to provide a customized treatment plan. The dentist might also suggest other preventive treatments for the child which include tooth repair, orthodontic referral to current improper bites or crooked teeth, dental injury care, fluoride treatments, management of gum conditions and diseases, and diet and nutrition recommendations.

Pediatric Dentist near You

The pediatric dentist near you is the best dental professional to care for your child. Pediatric dentists acquire additional education after completing dental school and are trained to manage children with special needs as well. Pediatric dentists have offices customized for children besides having trained staff and unique instruments to make children comfortable during any dental treatments.

If your child is overly uncooperative during dental visits the pediatric dentist can also administer sedation to children to calm them during their procedure. Best of all your child receives a parting gift as a reward for behaving well at the dentists office. The calm demeanor of the pediatric dentist encourages your child to look forward to the next appointment.

Pediatric Dentistry Prevents a Lifetime of Issues

Pediatric Preventive Dentistry in Lincoln

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